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Thursday, December 12, 2019
Gabriela Niejadlik

Bar Harbor, Maine 


"My work celebrates the richness of nature; each piece aims to be a decadent sensory experience. The generosity and abundance of nature's palette motivate my color choices. I live on an island and I bear witness to the stream of seasonal change and how it informs my work. Such beauty is a tango of creative discoveries: my excitement for the smell of spring lilacs and salt water, the smell of the first strawberries, simple pleasures that benefit all. I am humbled by the happiness these experiences bring me and, in a way, it is this happiness which motivates my work as well; it instills gratitude for the chance to paint and to experience the world the way I do. Each work is hand-painted – the meditative practice of painting demands intention, mindfulness, and respect. These paintings are a small glimpse into the vast realm of my delight in spontaneous visual pleasure. Gouache is my medium of choice currently but I have always been influenced by many other traditions. My work has been refined by each new medium I try and informed by the diversity of my art abilities. I've worked in video art and photography, focusing on the spaces surrounding me and my movement through those spaces. On paper, the brush strokes become my limbs, on a slightly smaller scale, surrounded by the colors of the outside world."