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Monday, April 23, 2018

Swan's Island, Maine


"I am a 22 year old artist from Swans Island, Maine. I’m currently a Junior studying Art Education at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. I started off studying illustration, but have found a love of sharing art and encouraging creative growth in children. I have always used art as a therapeutic outlet, and would love to share this skill with others. I am a huge believer in the process of art being ultimately more important than the outcome. 

My mediums range from inks, copics, watercolor, gouache, oils, and charcoal. I tend to used mixed media most as I love the depth it creates. My inspiration comes from a variety of different musical artists including Keaton Henson and Aurora, and more. While creating, I tend to listen to music that inspires me. I am drawn to Nordic music, and the nature you can feel in it. As for artists, I am deeply in love with Greek and Roman statues and their creators. I’m inspired by nature, the human body, and the concept of life and death. I am constantly torn between creating innocent childlike illustrations with bright colors, and creating more somber pieces that represent the dark side of human nature. 

I want my art to make people think about the light and dark in life. I don’t think as humans we should ignore the dark, because otherwise we could never appreciate the light. I strive to invoke emotion in people who view my art, and break barriers on different stigmas, such as the nude body, and death. I want my art to tell stories, and for people to find their own stories within them. I think the best art invokes questions from the viewer, and I try to do just that. "