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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Jun 23

Saturday  10am to 4pm

Come check out all the events planned for the the First Annual MDI Skate Park fundraiser which will take place in and around our building from 10 - 4 on Sat June 23rd.  $8 is all it takes to watch demonstrations of technique by professionals and some local hot shots, participate in a supervised freeskate where you can try out your own moves, watch awesome films, some by local enthusiasts,  enjoy a fashion show sponsored by Cadillac Mountain Sports and the MDI HS design class, and learn more about the new skatepark that is coming to Bar Harbor. 


DEMONSTRATIONS                    10:00am – 10:45am 
    Two professional skateboarders + a lineup of local hot shots
FREESKATE – Helmets required             10:45am – 1:15 pm  
    Open to anyone with a board, helmet, and $8 entry donation
RAMP RAFFLE                          1:30pm
    Something built by Jon and friends
Breakdown demo area                     Following Raffle
Announce Fashion Show                    Following Raffle
FASHION SHOW    (INSIDE)                1:45pm – 2:15pm
    Organized by Cadillac Mtn Sports with a MDI HS design class, featuring local models
    Local Films                    11:00am – 1:45pm
    Feature Films                    Following Fashion Show, 2:15 – 3:45pm
DECKS/Other RAFFLES                 3:45 pm
CLOSE                            4:00pm

Acadia Senior College “BIG IDEAS” Series

May 18

1pm Sunday

What big ideas are changing the way people think about our world in the 21st century? What, exactly, are Big Ideas? These questions will be the theme of an ongoing series of events sponsored by Acadia Senior College.

To kick off this series, the Senior College and Reel Pizza have teamed up to present the movie End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream. A community discussion will follow the showing with David Hales, President of College of the Atlantic; Erika Shriner, Activist and writer; Karen Wigglesworth of the Maine Earth Institute will be facilitating the discussion. There will be a charge of $4.00 for ASC members and COA Students and $6.00 for non-members.  Reel Pizza’s restaurant will offer full service during the event.

image00137End of Suburbia explores the American way of life as expressed in the explosion of suburban sprawl over the past 50 years, and the serious questions beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way of life. As global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply, the consequences of inaction are enormous. In this documentary, scientists and policy makers discuss what World Oil Peak means for North America. How will the populations of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream? Are today’s suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow? And what can be done now, individually and collectively, to avoid the End of Suburbia?

Acadia Senior College seeks to provide “stimulation, knowledge, interaction, and fun.” Please join us as we explore the promise and peril of ideas that challenge our current prevailing conceptions in these fast-paced times.  For more information, contact Acadia Senior College at 288-9500 or


Aug 15

Saturday 2pm matinee


the_road_ahead_poster.The 2008 "Green" Olympics in Beijing brought China's environmental challenges center stage.  Seizing their chance to be heard, 2,000 college students from across the nation mobilized to plant the seeds for a sustainable future.  Told from the student's perspective, THE ROAD AHEAD: THE FIRST GREEN LONG MARCH is the hopeful story of a few small sparks igniting a movement.




In the year leading up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Beijing Forestry University and international NGO Future Generations teamed up to organize the first “Green Long March” for Chinese students. The goal: empowering young people to become advocates for the environment.

Leading up to the event, 2,000 college students from across the nation mobilized to make a powerful statement. Forming 10 survey teams, they traveled by train, car and foot, to see China’s environmental challenges up close and to spread their passion for conservation.

Notebooks in hand, the teams made their respective treks, from the great deserts of the northwest to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. In The Road Ahead: The First Green Long March Director Ryan Wong, in his feature debut, hones in on a few compelling students and captures the experience through their eyes.

To meditative and moving effect, Wong immerses us in the vast and diverse landscapes the students visit. We witness their growing wonder as they encounter the natural world as they never have before. We also share their devastation as they talk to locals and start to understand the human impact of environmental destruction.


MIFF by-the-Sea
Sep 11 - 14

The Maine International Film Festival is coming to Bar Harbor!

Enjoy 4 days of exciting film events:  Local Films, Maine Films, International Films, & Documentaries. 

Family-Friendly Matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

Opening Night Celebration, Fri Sept 11 4pm-6pm out front of the theatre, featuring Sassafrass Catering hors d'ouvres and Atlantic Brewing Company beverages.  Opening Night Celebration admission $15.

MIFF Filmmaker events
Fri 9/11 ME SHORT FILMS  8:00pm: Linda Nelson & Judith Jerome, producers LIFE BY LOBSTER
Sat 9/12  LANGUAGE OF AMERICA 4:15pm: Ben Levine, producer, director
Sat 9/12  ON A PHANTOM LIMB  10:30pm:  Nancy Andrews, director
Sun 9/13 THE RIVALS  2:00pm: Kirk Wolfinger, producer, director & Daniel Sites, associate producer
Sun 9/13  SHOOTING BEAUTY  6:15pm  George Kachadorian, producer, director, writer
Other Filmmaker Events
Fri 9/11 48-HOUR MUSIC FESTIVAL MOVIE  10:30pm;  David Camlin, director
Sat 9/12  sabertooth I  10:30pm;  Colin Capers, director
Other special events
Fri 9/11  OPENING NIGHT RECEPTION  4pm-6pm with Sassafrass Catering and Atlantic Brewing Co.
Fri 9/11 Afterhours Gathering at RUPUNUNI
Sat 9/12  Afterhours Gathering at THE THIRSTY WHALE
Sun 9/13  IMPROVISION 10:30pm with ImprovAcadia
Sun 9/13 Afterhours Gathering at CARMEN VERANDAH
Mon 9/14 Afterhours Gathering and Closing Party at LOMPOC CAFE

For film descriptions and showtimes, check "COMING SOON" tab

For a complete schedule of all showtimes, check "MIFF" tab

Film Tickets $8 each (including Improvision), available at Reel Pizza box office or by phone 288-3828 (w/ credit card add 50c each ticket processing fee).


A project of the Maine Film Center.


TAPPED Film and Discussion
May 16

Sunday May 16   1:00pm   Free

Sponsored by the Union River Watershed Coalition, Bar Harbor Conservation Commission and the Lamoine Conservation Commission.

Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right or a commodity that should be bought and sold like any other article of commerce?

tapped_posterPlease join us for a FREE screening of Stephanie Soechtig’s debut feature, an unflinching examination of the big business of bottled water, followed by an hour-long panel discussion on the topic of bottled water with professors, activists, and attorneys moderated by Ken Cline, Environmental Policy & Law professor at COA.. The other panelists include Daphne Loring (Coordinator at the Maine Fair Trade Campaign), Emily Posner (Coordinator for Defending Water for Life in Maine), Lynne Williams (attorney and Green Independent candidate for Maine State Senate), Willem Brutsaert (Environmental Engineer Professor at the University of Maine and expert in groundwater and surface water hydrology), and Nisha Swinton (Maine Organizer for Food & Water Watch).

 From the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car, Tapped is a timely documentary and a behind-the-scenes look into the unregulated and unseen world of an industry that aims to privatize and sell back the one resource that ought never to become a commodity: our water. From the plastic production to the ocean in which so many of these bottles end up, this inspiring documentary trails the path of the bottled water industry and the communities which were the unwitting chips on the table. A powerful portrait of the lives affected by the bottled water industry, this revelatory film features those caught at the intersection of big business and the public’s right to water.
Sep 17 - 20

The Maine International Film Festival is coming to Bar Harbor!

Fri Sept 17 - Mon Sept 20

Enjoy 4 days of exciting film events:  Local Films, Maine Films, International Films, Shorts & Documentaries, Animation, Filmmaker talks and more.

Film Schedule

Film Descriptions

 Catered Opening Night Celebration

Join us, our friends and neighbors, and several filmmakers for a friendly get-together fro 4pm - 6pm on Friday Sept 17 to kick off the festival.  The afternoon event will feature delectable appetizers from Sassafrass Catering using many local ingredients, and refreshing beverages from The Atlantic Brewing Company, Bar Harbor Cellars, and Old Soaker Sodas.  We will be celebrating MIFF Mid-Life Acheivement Award honoree and Reel Pizza friend Jay Cocks, who will be introducing his Oscar-nominated film THE AGE OF INNOCENCE at a 5:45 screening.  Tickets for the Celebration are $15.  Tickets for the film are $8.  

Mar 4 - 7

A Weekend of Quality French Film

The Tournées Festival was made possible with the support of
the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and
the French Ministry of Culture (CNC), through a grant awarded to College of the Atlantic. 

Festival pass for all five films available for $25;  individual films $6

 Fri 3/4:  5:00 - AROUND A SMALL MOUNTAIN  (NR)
     7:00 - A TOWN CALLED PANIC  (NR)
     8:30 - THE WEDDING SONG  (NR)
Sat 3/5:  5:00 - LORNA’S SILENCE  (R)
     9:00 - COCO BEFORE CHANEL  (PG-13)

Sun 3/6:  5:00 - COCO BEFORE CHANEL  (PG-13)
      7:15 - A TOWN CALLED PANIC  (NR)
      8:45 - THE WEDDING SONG  (NR)

Mon 3/7:  6:00 - A TOWN CALLED PANIC  (NR)
        8:00 - LORNA’S SILENCE  (R)

Master filmmaker Jacques Rivette returns to one of his favorite themes-life versus performance-in this elegant work. This buoyant film about secret histories and buried truths, filled with a sense of hope and wonder, is set in a circus "where everything is possible."

This thoughtful exploration of the pre-fame life of the world's greatest fashion designer focuses on Coco Chanel during the Belle Epoque. Audrey Tautou (Amélie) expertly conveys Chanel's struggle against the formidable limitations that an ambitious, non-wealthy woman at the time faced, particularly one who refused to marry.

Lorna, an Albanian immigrant living in Belgium, shares an apartment and a sham marriage with a heroin addict.  She dreams of opening up a café with her boyfriend.  Though profoundly critical of the punishing, frequently inhumane forces of late capitalism, this latest work from Belgium's Dardenne Brothers is not a simplistic political screed; Lorna is a multifaceted character who must make (and live with) her own decisions.

A marvelous fantasia, made using meticulously detailed stop-motion animation never lets up for a second. Cowboy, Indian and Horse, three friends, travel to the center of the Earth, the frozen tundra (where they must battle an evil giant-robot penguin), and a mysterious underwater universe. Inspired by the manic energy of the Marx brothers and old Warner Bros. cartoons, this playful anarchy will appeal to children and adults alike.

Set in Nazi-occupied Tunis in 1942, this film focuses on the friendship between teenagers Nour, a devout Muslim celebrating her engagement, and her neighbor Myriam, a secular Jew living with her widowed mother. Though their lives are certainly circumscribed, Nour and Myriam are committed to taking control, exercising their own formidable will whenever they can.



Community Forum on 9/11
Sep 11

Sunday September 11, 2011     1:30 - 3pm

What has life been like in the decade since 9/11/2001? What has changed? What have we learned? Where do we go from here? These questions and others will be addressed in a community forum at Reel Pizza 1:30-3 p.m. Sunday, September 11 2011.

All members of the MDI community are invited to share their personal
reflections on that day and their thoughts on what we have learned,
how we have changed, and the challenge in front of us. A panel of
speakers including Representative Elsie Flemings will also speak to
these points. The Forum, to be moderated by
University of Maine
Cooperative Extension Professor and WERU radio show host Ron Beard,
is intended to include the voices of everyone across the whole
spectrum of political, religious, and cultural affiliations.

Following the Forum, the public will be invited to spend an hour or
two giving some hands-on assistance to local organizations that serve
the needy and build community. In the early evening there will be a
further gathering for song and quiet reflection at a venue to be
announced. The 9/11 Memorial Ad Hoc Committee thanks Reel Pizza for
their generous donation of facilities to house the Community Forum.
For more information please contact Jenny Reece, deacon at St.
Saviour's Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor at

Aug 12

Sunday August 12th  2pm FREE


UMO professor Joseph Kelley, a marine geologist andinternationally known expert on sea-level change and other coastal issues will talk. 

SUN COME UP (NR)  36min

A multiple award-winner at several festivals, this Academy Award-nominated film shows the human face of climate change, provoking discussion about climate change, displacement, and the rights of vulnerable communities around the globe and is an inspiring glimpse into how one community is adapting to climate change.  The film follows the relocation of the Carteret Islanders, a community living on a remote island chain in the South Pacific Ocean, and now, some of the world’s first environmental refugees.   When climate change threatens their survival, the islanders face a painful decision to leave their ancestral land in search of a new place to call home.  A group of young islanders try to search for land and build relationships in war-torn Bougainville, 50 miles across the open ocean. 

A SEA CHANGE  (NR)  60min
This film documents how the pH balance of the oceans has changed dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and examines how the dramatic changes we are seeing in the chemistry of the oceans will affect the future of life on Earth.  With near unanimity, scientist now agree that the burning of fossil fuels is fundamentally reshaping ocean chemistry and the steady increases in carbon dioxide emissions and resulting rise in acidity of the oceans will cause a bottom-up collapse of the world's fisheries that could last for millions of years.

Mar 10



doors open starting at 1:30; movie at 2pm

Conners Emerson 8th grade students are raising money for their upcoming graduation celebration and class trip and will host a Movie/Silent Auction Extravaganza.  A family friendly movie about a trio of Pliocene-Quaternary glacial age friends will show at 2pm; movie admission is $5.00.  Throughout the day there will be Bingo with prizes. Check out their silent auction and bid on a wide variety of items including gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses, various nature, boat and plane tours, handknit scarves by the 8th graders and more!  A link on the RP Website will take you to a partial listing of auction items.  The winner of an ongoing iPad raffle (see any CE 8th grader) will be announced and auction items distributed at 3:30 pm.  Please come for an afternoon of fun.

Oct 19

Saturday 10/19  TOWN OF RUNNERS  2pm  Free to the public

town_of_runnersOn Saturday October 18th at 2pm, and in association with Film Forward and MDI High School Reel Pizza will be screening the film TOWN OF RUNNERS.  This feature documentary is about young runners from Bekoji, an Ethiopian highland town which has produced some of the world's greatest distance athletes, including world and Olympic champions Tirunesh Dibaba, Kenenisa Bekele and Derartu Tulu.  Made by award-winning director Jerry Rothwell, the film tells the stories of three teenagers - Alemii, Hawii and Biruk - who dream of following in their heroes’ footsteps. The film chronicles three years in these teens' lives as they move from school track to national competition and from childhood to adulthood. Set against the background of the seasonal rhythms of this farming region, and the impact of increased urbanization and globalization, TOWN OF RUNNERS has a unique insight, showing rural young Africans living between tradition and the modern world, as they strive to build their own future.  

 This film is presented as part of the Sundance Institute's "Film Forward", an international touring program designed to enhance greater cultural understanding, collaboration and dialogue around the globe by engaging audiences through the exhibition of films, workshops and conversations with filmmakers. Film Forward promotes cultural dialogue through independent documentary and narrative film, using film’s unique ability to tell stories that explore universal themes to ignite meaningful conversations. cultivating engaged dialogue, fostering appreciation of other viewpoints, and developing new audiences for independent film. 


MIFF By-the-Sea #6
Sep 12 - 15


      Check Back soon for more info.





Over this weekend we are, for a sixth year, hosting a best-of selection of films and guest filmmakers from this summer's Maine International Film Festival in Waterville.  The films -- both live action and animated, including documentaries, fiction features, and three collections of short films -- hail from MDI and around the world and will be screening at various times throughout the weekend; each film, save one, will screen twice.  Please pick up the green MIFF By-the-Sea flyer for film descriptions, guest schedules and start times; individual tickets and discount passes are available now; ask us at the ticket booth!

Why should I attend a film festival?  Good question! We think it is important to support small films lacking distribution.  Some films on this year’s roster are made by or about your friends and neighbors.  Others come from farther afield, part of the excellent program curated by the good folks at the Maine Film Center who present the ME Int’l Film Festival.  We deliberately choose films without distribution for the fest. This year’s MIFF Audience Award went to Forgotten Kingdom (in fest); 2nd place was a tie, Take Me to the River (in fest) and Alive Inside playing Sept 2 - 4; and in 3rd - Boyhood, is coming on this schedule.


Mar 10

Thursday evening  100min

Time 7:30  trailer

me_short_film_fest_posterThis festival competition, juried by Louise Rosen (Chair, Artistic/Exec Director, Maine Jewish Film Festival), Ben Fowlie (Founder/Director, Camden International Film Festival), and Daniel Kany (art and film critic, Portland Press Herald) feature fourteen short fiction and non-fiction films from nineteen Maine filmmakers. This touring short film festival is produced by the Maine Film and Video Association and is open to all, accepting independent work as well as sponsored film (psas, informational films and commercials).  All films are under twenty minutes and have a direct connection with Maine.  We will have some of the filmmakers attending to talk about their work.  For more information:

Films included are:
Heart & Hand (4:26) by Sharyn Paul Brusie and Kevin Brusie
Bonaire (1:34) by Mauricio Handler
Alison and NuDay Syria (5:00) by Josh Gerritsen
Gun Shop (2:42) by Alan Magee
Scribe of the Soul (3:51) by Alban Maino and Jimmy Leipold
Tickle (11:57) by Corey Norman
My So-Called Housing Cooperative #2 (10:54) by Craig Saddlemire
A Nasty Law (3:20) by Alan Magee
I Just Don’t Get It – It’s My Russian Soul (7:55) by Walter Ungerer
The Raw Essence of Carlo Pittore (8:36) by Richard Kane and Rob Shetterly
Maine Heritage Orchard (17:00) by Huey
Penobscot River (2:30) by Justin Lewis, Michelle Stauffer, and Laura Rose Day
Fever (17:40) by Marie Chao and Matthew J. Siegel
Clothes Encounter (2:04) by Mike Perlman



Mar 13

Sunday 1pm

A New National Park in Maine: Speaker presentation by Cathy Johnson, Natural Resources Council of Maine & screening of The National Parks: America's Best Idea by Ken Burns

Join us for a presentation about the proposed new national park in Maine with Cathy Johnson, North Woods Project Director at the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM). The new national park proposal has received significant input since 2011 from residents, businesses and organizations in the Katahdin region. NRCM is working with people across the state to listen to their views, answer questions, and build support to advance what NRCM feels could become a major new destination for our state and asset for our economy. The 30-minute talk will be followed by a screening of the first episode of The National Parks: America's Best Idea produced by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, featuring a little segment about Acadia National Park.
Johnson has worked for the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as for the National Parks Office of Nepal, before going to law school. She received her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law in 1983 and was a trial lawyer in Damariscotta before joining NRCM staff in 1990.
The Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club, in partnership with Reel Pizza, makes this environmental film and speaker series possible and free of charge. The series will continue every month through this spring and summer.
May 29



The Penobscot: Ancestral River, Contested Territory is a documentary film that illustrates the history of the Penobscot Tribe’s fight to retain their sustenance fishing rights and territory in the Penobscot River, from the 1700s to the current day. The film will be followed by discussion with members of the Penobscot Tribe and the Sunlight Media Collective: Dawn Neptune Adams, Kathy Paul, and Sherri Mitchell, Penobscot indigenous rights attorney. Recently nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy Award, The Penobscot: Ancestral River, Contested Territory, was produced by the Sunlight Media Collective, a collaboration between Wabanaki and non-Wabanaki media makers. This screening and talk is sponsored by The Abbe Museum, the first and only Smithsonian Affiliate in the state of Maine, which just opened a new core exhibit on May 1, People of the First Light, the first large-scale permanent exhibit of its kind for the Abbe. The film is also sponsored by Earth in Brackets, College of the Atlantic’s environmental/climate group. The Penobscot: Ancestral River, Contested Territory highlights the currently unfolding story of the controversial and historic case Penobscot Nation v Janet Mills, in which the Maine Attorney General claims the Tribe’s territory that includes more than 200 islands in the Penobscot River does not include the river itself. “For the Penobscot this is one of the most important issues facing the tribe today,” said Meredith DeFrancesco, film producer for The Penobscot, “not only impacting their territory, but their sovereignty and cultural identity.” In partnership with the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club, Reel Pizza offers this environmental film and speaker series free of charge.


Jun 11


bhpride_logoAs part of a full weekend festival to publicly celebrate the beautiful and diverse presence of the LBGTQIA community on MDI, on Saturday Reel Pizza will be hosting a root beer float social and karaoke sing with Maine’s most sickening Drag Queens in the parking lot at noon. Then stay for the free screening of Hedwig and the Angry Inch (R)  95min at 2pm.  trailer

Other activities include 2 breakout bands at the Lompoc on Friday night, yoga in Grant Park Sat morning, two one act plays both written by and one performed by the amazing Maine playwright Carolyn Gage Saturday evening at the Criterion, and a late night powerhouse Drag King and Queen spectacular at Carmen Verandah’s. Supreme Queen Cherry Lemonade of Portland will be in the house hosting live vocal, show-stopping performances by personalities from all over the eastern seaboard. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend. Don’t miss out!