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Sunday, August 18, 2019


Bears of Durango
United States 2018  61min  [In English]
Fri 5:30 & Sat 3:15

Dive headfirst into bear dens with the biologists who study the effect of human urban development on bear behavior. This entertaining and thought-provoking new documentary from director Dusty Hulet is a unique and very close-up look at the interaction between humans and bears in Durango, Colorado, where humans are expanding their range and bears are losing some of their traditional sources of food.

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David and the Kingdom
United States 2018  22min   [In English]
Fri 5:30 & Sat 3:15

David, living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, discourses on his predilection for solitude in this unique, truthful, and literally close-to-home documentary from filmmakers Brian Paccione and Woodrow Travers.




Charlie Chaplin Lived Here
United Kingdom 2018  45min  [In English]
Sat 5:00 & Sun 8:30

Filmmakers, Seán Martin and Louise Milne, have made a loving, affectionate tribute, telling the history of one of the world’s preeminent film magicians. A semi-sequel to Lanterna Magicka: Bill Douglas & the Secret History of Cinema -- a documentary about Scottish filmmaker Bill Douglas’s lifelong Charlie Chaplin obsession -- includes a completion of Bill’s 1969 unfinished 8mm documentary, (also called Charlie Chaplin Lived Here) which features never-before-seen footage of Chaplin’s London, as a number of locations have long since been demolished.

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The Washing Society
United States 2018   44min   [In English]
Sat 5:00 & Sun 8:30

When you drop off a bag of dirty laundry, who’s doing the washing and folding? Come into New York City’s laundromats and the experiences of the people who work in them. First time collaborators, filmmaker Lynne Sachs and playwright Lizzie Olesker, observe the disappearing public space of the neighborhood laundromat and the continual, intimate labor that happens there, investigating the intersection of history, underpaid work, immigration, and the sheer math of doing laundry. Drawing on each other’s artistic practices, Sachs and Olesker present a stark yet poetic vision of those whose working lives often go unrecognized, turning a lens onto their hidden stories, which are often overlooked. Dirt, skin, lint, stains, money, and time are thematically interwoven into the very fabric of this dreamlike yet hyper-real portrait of a laundry worker.




Canada 2018  87min   [In English and in French with English subtitles]
Fri 7:15 & Sun 2:45

This award-winning documentary-memoir—partially shot in Maine (director Aube Giroux lived in Lincolnville for four years) and eastern Canada -- asks why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products in Canada or the United States, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world. Interweaving the personal and the political, the film is anchored in the filmmaker’s relationship to her mother, a gardener and food activist who battled cancer during the film’s production. Their intimate mother-daughter investigative journey, fueled by a shared love of food, reveals the extent to which the agribusiness industry controls our food policies, making a strong case for a more transparent and sustainable food system.




Shake Sister Shake
United States 2018  82min   [In English]
Sat 6:45 & Sun 3:00

A new look at an old genre celebrates women and celebrates the blues, taking us on a musical journey with female blues artists in a world dominated by men.  Chicago-born Australian director Lisa Eismen has a sharp eye and a sharper ear for some sharp music from women who range from the well-known (Marcia Ball) to the lesser-known (BB Queen)—with two things in common: their gender and their craft. Also featuring illuminating interviews with Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.




Witkin & Witkin
United States/Mexico 2018  90min  [In English]
Sat 6:30 & Mon 7:45

Witkin & Witkin explores the worlds of somewhat estranged identical twins who just happen to be among the pre-eminent artists of their time, working in different though related visual arts. Joel-Peter is a renowned photographer of arranged, dream-like images; Jerome is a life-long educator and painter whom some have compared to Edward Hopper. Through the voices of the women in their lives—the wives, models, studio assistants, collectors, and their older sister—director Trisha Ziff brings us into their worlds, and raises fascinating questions about art and the meaning of brotherhood.







China 2017  116min   [In Mandarin with English subtitles]
Sat 8:15 & Sun 6:00

Dreamlike, hypnotic, and unbelievably beautiful, this mysterious, sublime, and elegiac odyssey is an immersive introspective journey manifested in an outward journey up the Yangtze River.  Director Yang Chao blends breathtaking images with fantasy, poetry, and history to create a complex magical universe, from the Shanghai metropolis to the snow-capped mountains of Tibet.   





The Heiresses
Paraguay/Uruguay/Germany 2018  95min   [In Spanish and Guarani with English subtitles]
Sat 4:30 & Mon 5:45

Chela and Chiquita, both descended from wealthy families in Asunción, Paraguay, have been in an over 30 year-long relationship. But recently their financial situation has worsened; when their debts lead to Chiquita being imprisoned on fraud charges, Chela is forced to face a new reality, having to find her way in a world of matters to which Chiquita previously tended. As Chela settles into her new life, she encounters the much younger Angy. There’s not a single false note to this understated, keenly observed film that won a Best Actress prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival for Ana Brun’s beautifully played performance as Chela.




I Am Not a Witch
United Kingdom/France/Germany 2017  93min  [In English, and in Nyanja with English subtitles]
Fri 7:00 & Mon 5:30

When eight-year-old Shula turns up alone and unannounced in a rural Zambian village, the locals are suspicious. A minor incident escalates to a full-blown witch trial, where she is found guilty and sentenced to life on a state-run witch camp where she is tethered to a long white ribbon and told that if she ever tries to run away, she will be transformed into a goat.  this striking fairytale-satire marks the birth of a significant new screen voice, first-time Zambian female filmmaker Rungano Nyoni, likely to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.




Mademoiselle Paradis
Austria/Germany 2018  97min   [In German and French with English subtitles]
Fri 5:00 & Sun 4:45

Director Barbara Albert makes visible the invisible in this extraordinary true story from 18th century Vienna. Maria Theresia Paradis, a gifted pianist and friend of Mozart, who lost her eyesight as a child, regains it through an innovative medical technique. This miracle comes at a price, and she is forced to choose between an ordinary life in the light or an extraordinary life in the darkness as a virtuoso.




Thrasher Road
United States 2018  86min   [In English]
Sat 8:30 & Sun 6:45

While on their way home from broken dreams in L.A., including a busted relationship (that just might not be busted), an accident strands pregnant Chloe and her geriatric dog, Thrasher, on the highway. Unwelcome rescue comes from her estranged dad who takes them on a disastrous detour toward a second chance. Vermont filmmaker Samantha Davidson Green’s idiosyncratic road movie, shot on location in 20 states across the U.S., is a comic, poignant, homemade, and true film with roots in northern New England, but its home throughout our culture.



a celebration of the short film form

Fri 8:45, Mon 7:30

Director, Screenplay: Noah LePage   2018  24min  [In English]
A young girl spends one day in the afterlife attempting to reconnect with her mother.

Invisible Hands
Director: Grace Yu  2018  18min  [In English]
Featuring Railroad Square’s very own Nancy Bixler, this documentary examines the art of “art handling” behind the Colby College Museum of Art’s exhibitions.

The Growth of Whiting
Directors, Producers: Dylan Shaw, Jenna DeFrancisco, James Lindberg  2017  5min  [In English]
A farm in Auburn, Maine has been transformed into a space for people with developmental disabilities.

Director, Screenplay, Producer: Emily Gillis  2017  10min  [In English]
A woman encounters the darker side of being empathetic to a stranger.

The Golden Mask
Director, Screenplay, Producer: Josh Outerbridge   2018  5min  [In English]
A child visiting an antique shop learns dark secrets about an object he finds there.

Director, Screenplay: Will Berry  2017   9min   [In English]
An experimental film exploring one woman’s fear/obsession with the navel.

Popul[asian]: 356
Director: Annie Lee  2018  19min  [in English]
This documentary asks: what does it mean to be an Asian student at Colby College?

David’s Voice
Director: Graham Hill  2018 15min  [In English]
A classically trained vocalist performs musical theatre on miniature stages with action figures.

The Ten Mile Yard Sale
Directors, Producers: Mark Cooley, Derek Ellis  2017  9min   [In English]
The yard sale stretching from Cornville to Skowhegan is the subject of this doc.




Fri 9:00, Sun 4:30

Into the Blue
Director: Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic  Croatia 2017   19min   [In Croatian with subtitles]
13 year old Julija finds that rejection from her best friend awakens violence.

The Right Choice
Director: Tomisin Adepeju   United Kingdom 2017  10min   [In English]
Set in the future, a couple sets about creating their designer baby, and must confront uncomfortable questions.

Nosotros Solos
Director, Screenplay: Mateo Bendeskey   Argentina 2017  16min  [In Spanish with subtitles]
The family dynamic turns incendiary for two teenage siblings.

Lambeth Lights
Director, Screenplay: Luca Bertoluzzi  United Kingdom 2017  24min  [In English]
An homage to Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights involving a homeless man and a blind news vendor.

Director, Screenplay, Producer: Ali Akin  Turkey 2017  9min  In Turkish with subtitles]
A “fish of divorce” suffers when his owners split up.





Sat 3:00, Sun 8:15

Director, Screenplay, Producer: George Nicholas  United States 2017  13min  [In English]
Guy in the 1980’s East Village encounters a cool couple and spends an unforgettable evening with them.

Satan’s in Heaven
Director, Producer: Cholesterol Jones   United Kingdom/India 2017  4min  [In English]
Donald Trump’s been elected President, and the cherubs are leaving!

That Long and Lonesome Road to Grandma’s
Director: Felipe Di Poi Tamargo   United States 2017  14min  [In English]
Sue and Kath blossom into cool and liberated teens on a road trip to visit Grandma.

Director, Screenplay: Sofìa Carillo   Mexico 2017  13min  [In Spanish with subtitles]
Winner of the Mexican Oscar-equivalent for Best Animated Short, a hallucinatory stop motion film.

The Vastness of Everything & Everywhere
Director: Rosemary Santoro   United States 2018  2min  [no dialogue]
A bit of nifty whimsy (despite the title).

If All Hinges Upon Oneself
Director: Nancy Andrews   United States 2017  1min   [In English]
An illustrated poem about existence.  Animation by College of the Atlantic students.

Soap & Shadows
Director, Screenplay: Donna Mae Foronda   United States 2017  8min   [In English]
A couple in bed envisions what is making that strange sound outside their window.

#42 Dream – Always Carry a Guest Toothbrush
Director, Screenplay, Producer: Alvin Sexton   United States 2018  17min   [In English]
A guy winds up in Hell and meets wretches fighting over soup!