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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

*= guest speaker


An American, Portrait of Raymond Luc Levasseur
Canada 2015   99min  [In English]
Fri 8pm*, Sat 4:30*
Maine native Raymond Luc Levasseur was posted on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List in 1977 for his involvement in bombings perpetrated by the United Freedom Front. Now, in Pierre Marier’s insightful and compelling film, he tells us about his career -- from his childhood in a French Canadian family, through his radical years and prison, until the present.
Director: Pierre Marier

An Art That Nature Makes: The Work of Rosamond Purcell
USA  2015 75min  [In English]
Fri 7:30*, Sun 3:00*
An in-depth portrait of contemporary photographer Rosamond Purcell, whose sometimes disturbing (but always breathtaking) pictures challenge our accepted notions of death and decay while blurring the lines between the natural and man-made worlds.
Director: Molly Bernstien

Between Sisters
Italy 2015   80min  [In Italian with subtitles]
Fri 9:45, Sat 6:15
“An Italian filmmaker chronicles his mother’s attempts to unravel a family secret. A deceptively narrow focus gives way to affecting observations about aging, familial bonds, and repressive traditions that shaped generations. The director catches subtle shifts in the sisters’ dance of persistence and resistance, and how it’s affected by their awareness of the camera—performance, in essence, eliciting truth.”—Sheri Linden, Variety. 
Director: Manu Gerosa

I Know A Man…Ashley Bryan
USA 2015   74min  [In English]
Sat 1:15*, Mon 6:15*
92-year-old Ashley Bryan lives on the island of Islesford, Maine and has been using art his entire life to celebrate joy, mediate the darkness of war and racism, explore the mysteries of faith, and create loving community. Although he is well known as a children’s book author and maker of magical puppets from found objects, his life story and the art he makes from this wellspring of experience is an inspiration to people of all ages.
Director: Richard Kane

France 2015   97min  [In French with subtitles]
Fri 6:00, Mon 8:00
An astonishing and remarkable experience, enabling us to see our world as it was before humans ruled. With exceptional footage of animals in the wild, this is an awe-inspiring and thought-provoking tale of the long and tumultuous shared history that inextricably binds humankind with the natural world, told with the most stunningly lush images you’ve ever seen.
Directors: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud

The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger
UK  2016  89min  [In English]
Sat 1:00, Sun 5:15
A multifaceted portrait of brilliant thinker, writer, “radical humanist” and astonishingly vibrant 89-year-old John Berger – who from 1973 has devoted his life to bearing witness to the disappearance of the subsistence peasant farming which sustained humanity for millennia. A spectacular example of thinking in film.
Directors: Tilda Swinton, Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth, Bartek Dziadosz

SEED: The Untold Story
USA 2016   93min  [In English]
Sat 7:15*, Sun 1:00*
A feature-length documentary follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000-year old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food.
Directors, Producers: Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz


25 Watts
Uruguay 2001   94min  [In Spanish with subtitles]
Sat 7:45, Sun 6:30

It’s starting out like just another aimless day down Montevideo way for a trio of teenage buddies who find reassuring comfort in routine, repetition and ritual. Shot in naturalistic black-and-white and infused with a loopy charm, this debut feature is an affectionate salute to rolling stones who ain’t goin‘ nowhere and plays like a newly unearthed relic from an infinitely more benign time.
Directors: Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll

The Brand New Testament
Belgium/France/Luxembourg 2015  113min  [In French with subtitles]
Winner of MIFF 2016 Audience Award

Sat 9:15, Mon 5:30
God exists! He lives in Brussels and he’s a petty tyrant to his wife and daughter. His son managed to escape and live among us (briefly), but daughter Ea, sick of her father using humanity as his playthings, hacks into his computer and texts every person the date of their inevitable death. Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.
Director: Jaco Van Dormael

The End of a Beautiful Epoch
Russia 2015   98min  [In Russian with subtitles]
Sat 2:45, Sun 8:45
The young journalist Andrei Lentulov, known for being unselfish with his views, his freedom of thought, and boldness of judgment, receives a proposition to move from Leningrad to Tallinn to work in a local newspaper. Once there, Andrei steps into a love affair with his editor and increasingly absurd situations that cultivate his fierce, wry resistance to the system.
Director: Stanislav Govorukhin


Five Nights in Maine
USA  2015   82min  [In English]
MIFF 2016 Audience Award Third Place

Fri 5:45, Sun 1:15
Shot in Phippsburg, Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth, and South Portland, this powerful film features an all-star cast (Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo, two-time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest, Rosie Perez). The last voicemail Sherwin Owens received from his beloved wife before she died in a car accident implored him: “meet her, before it’s too late.” The “her” in question is Fiona’s mother Lucinda, whom Fiona had just visited after many years of estrangement. Heartrending performances, tender atmospheres, a quiet film about volcanic emotions.
Director, Screenplay: Maris Curran

Home Care
Czech Republic/Slovakia 2015   90min  [In Czech with subtitles]
Fri 9:15, Sun 7:00
Wryly humorous and bittersweet, this buoyantly humanist tale centers on a dedicated home-care nurse in South Moravia who puts everyone else’s needs before her own. Vivacious, 50-ish Vlasta travels all over the countryside, visiting a variety of charmingly eccentric patients and dispensing compassion and conventional medicine in equal measure. The result here is something seemingly impossible in 2016: a warm, wry, quietly understated human comedy.
Director, Screenplay, Producer: Slávek Horák


Layla Fourie
South Africa  2013  107 min  [In English]
Sat 9:30, Sun 8:15
Layla is a single mother living with her son in Johannesburg, getting by with casual work. After training as a polygraph operator, she manages to secure a job with a company specializing in lie detectors and security. On her way to her new workplace, she is involved in an accident which will fundamentally change her life, becoming entangled in a web of lies and deceit.
Director: Pia Marais

SPECIAL MIFF By-the-Sea Presentation

USA  2016  80min  [In English]
Sun 4:45 only*
This remarkable documentary depicts the story of David Moses Bridges, a Passamaquoddy craftsman, on a journey to preserve family, life, and tradition, while facing a life-threatening illness.  A soundtrack by local musician Chris Gray.
Director: Thom Willey


IMPROVISION  ~75min  Fri 11:00 

Check out our wacky collaboration with the talented ImprovAcadia crew!  With the sound turned off, this ever-changing group of up and coming comedians improvises the dialogue, music tracks, and sound effects to a cheesy, grade-B movie that they have never seen before!  Their talents make the pictures on the screen way funnier than they were ever anticipated.  Its a totally new show every time.  Don't miss out on all the fun. 



a celebration of the short film form

Sat 5:00*, Sun 3:00*

Before I Was Young
USA 2016  28min  [In English]
Director, Producer, Writer, Editor: Ryan Weed

On the verge of at last finding a decent job, a young woman is asked to come to the aid of her troubled cousin.

The Song of the Broad Axe
USA 2016  30min  [In English]
Director: Erin Murphy
Producer: Nina Schmir

Walt Whitman’s poem of the same name provides accompaniment to linking vignettes about individuals drawn to the creative power of one of the earliest tools made by humans.

USA 2016  19min  [In English]
Director: Omer Shamir

A journalist questions a fisher-woman about her illegal shrimping off the Maine coast in context of her gender, climate change, and economic necessity.

The Weight
USA 2016  28min  [Without dialogue]
Producer, Editor: Duncan Wilder
Director, Producer, Writer, Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Shot in Acadia National Park, five lives interweave through dance in a jubilant quest for love, and subsequent identity.


Sat 3:00, Mon 7:45

Iran 2016   4min  [In Kurdish with subtitles]
Director, Producer, Screenwriter: Saman Hosseinpuor

What to do?! The pet goldfish has slipped out of an old woman’s hands, and there is no immediate replacement water at hand, oh, no!

Republic of Georgia  2015  15min  [In Georgian with subtitles]
Director: Vakhtang Jajanidze

Two sisters quietly prepare for a major change after entire lives spent together.

Kosovo, UK, USA  2016   20min  [In English]
Director, Screenwriter: Daniel Mulloy

Bucking the trend whereby thousands of immigrants attempt to enter Europe, a comfortable English family sets out on what appears to be a holiday in Kosovo.

Japan 2016 15min  [In Japanese with subtitles]
Director: Ken Yoshioka

An inviting bar in Tokyo is the backdrop for one man who learns the unusual secret ingredient behind its mysterious plum wine.

Cyprus 2015  13min [In Greek with subtitles]
Director: Myrsini Aristidou

A very young girl hitchhikes to where her long-absent father is working, on the pretext of needing a school note signed.

UK  2015  15min  [In English]
Director: Eva Riley

Racial tensions get played out between a young girl in the English countryside, and a gypsy boy from the local encampment.

Italy 2015 20min [In Italian with subtitles]
Director, Producer, Writer: Giulio Poidomani
Producer: Isabella Roberto

Traveling to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Claudia unexpectedly meets Sandro, who alters her thinking about things.