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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

*= guest speaker


The Ecology of Jazz
USA  2017   81min  [in English]
Sat 2:30, Sun 6:45
Director: Rob Whitehair
Jazz has usually been associated with an urban landscape, a city environment of dark nights and excitement. But the natural world and the world of jazz are both improvisational, fluid, dynamic—and beautiful! We see, feel, and hear that intensely in the Montana wilds, and in a club where fabulous jazz is played by seasoned veterans. The Ecology of Jazz poetically explores the art of nature and the nature of art.

Henry David Thoreau, Surveyor of the Soul

USA  2017  114min  [in English]

Fri 6:00*, Sat 3:30*

Director: Huey

From award-winning Maine filmmaker Huey (
Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin) comes a portrait of Thoreau, emphasizing how the writer’s voice and spirit have echoed throughout history and still resound today.  Surveyor of the Soul maps out Thoreau's influence on the American landscape of thought and follows Thoreau’s path to the Maine Woods, about which he wrote extensively and beautifully.

Lives Well Lived
USA  2017  72min  [in English]
MIFF 2017 Audience Award Second Place
Sun 2:00, Mon 5:00
Director: Sky Bergman

Director Sky Bergman on her truly uplifting film: “My inspiration for the
Lives Well Lived project was my 103 year old Italian grandmother…In our society, the elderly are often overlooked…Lives Well Lived celebrates the incredible wit, wisdom and life experiences of seniors who are living life to the fullest…Their stories are about perseverance, the human spirit, and staying positive in the midst of the great challenges.”

The Maribor Uprisings
USA/Slovenia  2017  90min  [partly in Slovenian with subtitles]
Sat 6:30*, Sun 3:00*
Directors: Milo Guill
én, Maple Razsa
In this new documentary by Central Mainers, what began as protests become uprisings in the once-prosperous industrial city of Maribor, Slovenia. At key points, the audience will vote to choose which cameras and participants to follow next – whether to listen to organizers and remain with those committed to nonviolent protest on Freedom Square or to follow rowdy crowds toward City Hall and almost certain conflict.

Natural History
Argentina  2016  79min [in Spanish with subtitles]
Sat 2:00, Sun 7:00
Director: Alfredo Lichter

Natural History
traverses the landscape from Córdoba, where Italian immigrants settled in the late 19th century, to Buenos Aires, and down Route 3 to Península Valdés in Patagonia. It is here that Southern right whales in the Patagonian Sea captured the imagination of the filmmaker, and where, after years of research and intense work, he founded Ecocentro, a cultural center for artists and scientists focusing on the sea.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World
USA  2017  103min  [in English]
Fri 6:00, Sun 8:30
Directors: Catherine Bainbridge, Alfonso Maiorana
The real role of Native Americans in the history of rock and roll is large and untold, including Jimi Hendrix, The Band’s Robbie Robertson and the Black Eyed Peas.
Rumble is the most fun you’ll ever have correcting history. “The real spirit animal here is Link Wray, whose incredibly influential 1958 instrumental gives this celebratory and deeply satisfying doc its name. Rumble makes it abundantly clear that the time has come to rewrite the book on American music.”—Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight.



Abundant Acreage Available
USA  2017  80min  [in English]
Fri 8:30, Sun 5:15
Director: Angus MacLachlan
Oscar nominee Amy Ryan (
Gone Girl, Birdman) delivers a stunning performance in this film executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Abundant Acreage Available takes place entirely on the North Carolina family farm of reformed alcoholic Jesse Ledbetter and his adopted sister Tracy, both pushing middle age, both quite solitary and rooted. But one day, three men appear in a tent on their land and the hard-won knowledge each felt they had is challenged.

Axolotl Overkill
Germany  2017  94min [in German with subtitles]
Sun 8:45, Mon 5:30
Director: Helene Hegemann
An instant adrenaline immersion in a new way of making movies, a different way of being in the world. Helene Hegemann was 17 when she wrote the novel
(a best-seller in her native Germany) her debut film is based upon. Sixteen-year-old Mifti (an unbelievably convincing 27-year-old Jasna Fritzi Bauer) is the like axolotl of the title — a Mexican salamander forever in its species’ typically larvae form. She is older than she seems and has difficulty adapting to the expectations of those around her. “Consumes you like a blaze of youth in revolt”—Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist.

Norway/Canada/Germany  2016  90min [in English]
Sat 9:15, Sun 5:00
Director: Rob Tregenza
Inspired by the poetry of Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas (1897-1970), “immense care has been taken to set up a field of resonances between this storyline [a grieving widower], Vesaas’ writing, and the Norwegian landscapes invoked by the poems. (The title,
Gavagai, was philosopher Willard van Orman Quine’s famous term for a word in an imaginary language that, perhaps like life itself, can be interpreted in multiple ways.)” – J. M. Tyree, author of BFI Film Classics: Salesman.

It’s Not the Time of My Life
Hungary  2016  81min  [in Hungarian with subtitles]
Sat 8:30, Mon 8:00
Director:  Szabolcs Hajdu
Winner of the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, this is a smart, funny, incisive new film from Hungary. “An unexpected visit from the in-laws quickly turns sour in [this] funny chamber piece about midlife marital crises that will strike a universal chord”—Alissa Simon, Variety.

Mariam’s Day Off
Armenia  2016  45min  [in Armenian with subtitles]
MIFF 2017 Audience Award Third Place
Fri 10:00, Sun 2:00
Director: Arshak Amerbekya
Without ever going where the audience imagines it’s going to go,
Mariam’s Day Off follows a lovely young prostitute who meets an artist in a park one day, is invited home by him not for sex but as a model, and gains entry into a new world for her, one of artists and bohemians.

On The Roof
Cuba/Nicaragua  2016  75min [in Spanish with subtitles]
Sat 1:00, Mon 6:30
Director: Patricia Ramos

"Patricia Ramos grew up in a Havana neighborhood where she observed a host of people going on about their lives on the rooftops, almost akin to an alternate city. Her feature debut turns on three people in their early twenties who pass the time telling stories and relating their dreams. One of them, despite his dark skin, claims he's part Sicilian and wants to find his Italian family. They open a pizzeria on the rooftop where the challenges of running a business help them find their path in life.”  -- Anna Marie de la Fuente, Variety

The Sounding
USA  2017  93min  [in English]
MIFF 2017 Audience Award First Place
Fri 8:00*, Sat 4:15*
Director: Catherine Eaton

The Sounding tells the haunting story of a woman who chooses to speak only in her own way. Raised on a remote Maine island by her grandfather Lionel, Liv (stunningly played by The Sounding’s multi-talented director and writer, Catherine Eaton) has never spoken. When Lionel discovers he's dying, he calls the son of his best friend and a former protégé, Michael, to the island and asks him to protect Liv's independence. Michael has much to learn and Liv much to teach.

Fri 11:00
Check out our wacky collaboration with the talented ImprovAcadia crew!  With the sound turned off, this ever-changing group of up and coming comedians improvises the dialogue, music tracks, and sound effects to a cheesy, grade-B movie that they have never seen before!  Their talents make the pictures on the screen way funnier than they were ever anticipated.  Its a totally new show every time.  Don't miss out on all the fun. 


a celebration of the short film form

Sat 7:45*, Sun 3:30*

Are You Really My Friend?
Director: Robin Greenspun 
2017  37min  [in English]
This documentary chronicles the efforts of a photographer to travel the world, visiting all 626 of her Facebook 'friends' to take their portraits.

Bobby and Sonny  
Director: Chalkley Calderwood  
2016  5min  [in English]
The winsome subjects of this documentary are two lifetime lobstermen working on Vinalhaven.

Directors: Julia Von Ehr, Sarang Yang 
2016  4min  [in English]
This documentary, following the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program of Brunswick, shows how picking leftover produce after harvesting can mitigate food insecurity.

Road Kill 
Director: Josh Outerbridge 
2016  4min  [in English] 
In this ruminative experimental film, a young boy travels on his bike, removing road kill and burying it.

What My Friends Do on a Saturday Night
Director: Ryan Weed  
2017  15min  [in English]
Is wanting to watch a final episode of your favorite TV show too much to ask? Yes, when it's Saturday night and your friends begin dropping by!


Sat 6:00, Mon 7:45

Child for Child  
Director Saman Hosseinpuor
Venezuela/USA 2017 11min [in Spanish with subtitles]
A professional kidnapper has the tables turned on him after he abducts the daughter of a government official.

Director: Chen-Wen Lo  
Taiwan  2016  16min  [in Chinese with subtitles]
Her vision fading, a teenage girl girl goes on a solo nighttime journey to gather 'textures of light' to share with her mother.

El Ser Magnético     
Director: Mateo Bendesky 
Argentina  2015   17min   [in Spanish with subtitles]
The last two remaining members of a cult come to an impasse over the propriety of a snack purchased from a street vendor.

Three Rooms  
Director: Ricardo Andrés Klimek Pavía 
Mexico   2016   15min   [in Spanish with subtitles]
Don't try to make sense of this visually stunning, mind-blowing sci-fi experimental film-just go with it!

Director: Ali Kalthami 
Saudi Arabia   2016   33min  [in Arabic with subtitles]
In this bold and deft comedy, an attack by a group of extremists on a theatre production has unintended consequences for one of the patrons.