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Thursday, May 24, 2018
(R) 115min
Sep 1 - 7, 5:30 & 8:00
Charlize Theron (Mad Max Fury Road) does most of her own stuntwork in this stylish and thoroughly entertaining international spy thriller, the feature debut of stuntman turned director David Leitch. Based on the graphic novel series “The Coldest City” and set during the last days of the Cold War era in Berlin Germany, agent Lorraine Broughton of MI6 must take down a ruthless espionage ring and track down a missing list of double-agents before it reaches the wrong hands. James McAvoy is the Berlin station chief, who may or may not be an ally, with whom she forges an uneasy alliance, and John Goodman plays her boss trying to quash this threat to the West’s entire intelligence operation.