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Sunday, January 20, 2019
(R) 122min
Jun 1 - 4, 5:30 & 8:15
This unforgettable gem of a film tells the story of teenaged Charley (Charlie Plummer, All The Money in the World), who moves around a lot with his dad who has a hard time keeping a job or being a parent. One day in a new town, he meets a low-level horse trainer (Steve Buscemi) and does some odd jobs at the racetrack for him. One of the quarter horses, Lean on Pete, he becomes attached to, despite both the trainer and his jockey (Chloe Sevigny) reminding him they aren’t pets (and are sent off to Mexico as soon as they lose). When old Pete’s time comes up, Charley steals him and takes off on an odyssey full of adventure and heartbreak across the west to find his aunt and hopefully a home where he and his best friend are loved. Directed by Andrew Haigh (45 Years) this unsentimental, moving and hypnotic film based on Willy Vlautin’s 2010 novel also co-stars Steve Zahn.