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Thursday, May 28, 2020
(R) 113min
[in Spanish with subtitles]
Jan 14 - 16, 5:45 & 8:15
On the Oscar Shortlist for Best International film and nominated for two Golden Globes, filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s latest is an eloquent, charismatic and spellbinding character study. Semi-autobiographical, his story shares parallels to the director’s real relationship with actor Antonio Banderas, who starred in his early works, and after a decades-long falling out, now stars in this film, a role that won him the award at Cannes for Best Actor. Banderas plays an aging, Madrid-based director whose ailments, which have taken his will to create, prevent him from working anymore. Involuntary reencounters with people from his past, both remembered and actual, fuel his thoughts on his life and art and the importance of cinema.
Oscar-nominated for Best International Film and for Antonio Banderas for Best Actor in a Leading Role.