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Saturday, June 6, 2020
(NR) 85min Animated (PG-13), 104min Live-Action (R)
Jan 31 - Feb 3, Animated 5:15; Live-Action 7:15
With the Oscar nominations still a some days away, no one knows which films have been chosen to vie for this annual award. Last December, the animated short film’s 92 entries, and the live-action category 191 submissions were whittled to ten each, which will be further pared on Monday Jan 13 to the five nominated films in each category. These shorts collections have been presented for the past 15 years and often showcase the earliest works of filmmakers who go on to greater glory. The Oscar awards themselves area also much earlier this year than usual, on Sunday February 9 and will be presented by Kristen Klint Arts Fund. Please join us for both!